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What Aura Colors and Shapes mean?: A Vibrant Spectrum of the Energetic Body

The aura, often described as an electromagnetic energy field enveloping the body, is a captivating subject for those who want to understand the many manifestations of spirituality. Auras come in an abundant array of colors, each bearing its unique significance. Beyond colors, the shapes of auras also play a crucial role in describing one's energetic field. In this exploration, we will delve into the meanings of aura colors, including the enigmatic dark shades, and shed light on the meanings of aura shapes. Additionally, we'll discover how one can begin to see their own aura through a simple meditation practice.

The Language of Aura Colors

7 colors of auras

Auras are often associated with a wide spectrum of colors, each conveying distinct emotions, traits, and aspects of a person's well-being:

  1. Red: A red aura signifies strength, passion, and vitality. It reflects an individual's strong will and physical energy.
  2. Orange: An orange aura is linked to creativity, enthusiasm, and a zest for life. It indicates a person's passion and potential for growth.
  3. Yellow: Yellow auras are associated with intellect, clarity, and optimism. They suggest a person's mental acuity and cheerful disposition.
  4. Green: A green aura represents balance, harmony, and healing. It reflects a person's deep connection to nature and their nurturing qualities.
  5. Blue: Blue auras symbolize communication, truth, and spirituality. They indicate a person's calm and spiritually attuned nature.
  6. Purple: A purple aura conveys sensitivity, intuition, and mysticism. It suggests an individual's spiritual awareness and connection to higher realms.
  7. Pink: A pink aura reflects love, empathy, and compassion. It indicates a person's caring and nurturing nature.
  8. White: A pure white aura means the person if well energized and also means a deep connection to spirituality. They are very well protected.

Dark Aura Colors: What does a dark aura mean?

Dark aura colors are often seen as complex and multifaceted. They may indicate aspects of a person's life that require attention and some work to do:

  1. Dark Red: A dark red aura may signal anger, stress, or a strong desire for control.
  2. Dark Brown: This color suggests a person is holding on to negative emotions and may be feeling drained.
  3. Dark Gray or Black: A dark gray or black aura may indicate severe emotional issues, illness, or the need for spiritual cleansing.

Aura Shapes: Clues to Your Energetic Patterns

4 shapes of the aura

In addition to colors, aura shapes can provide valuable insights into an individual's energetic patterns. They extend to up to 40 inches (one meter) around the body, if you engage in spiritual related activities such as meditation, yoga, magic or rituals you can see an even bigger aura. Each shape has its own meaning:

  1. Oval: An oval aura indicates a balanced and harmonious personality. It reflects a person who is in touch with their emotions and spirituality.
  2. Round: A round aura signifies a person who is nurturing, creative, and caring. It reflects a harmonious and loving nature.
  3. Spiky: A spiky aura suggests defensiveness or an inner struggle. It may indicate that a person is guarded or experiencing emotional turmoil.
  4. Irregular: An irregular aura shape may reveal confusion or a lack of focus. It indicates a need for grounding and clarity.

How to see Auras? Meditation for Seeing Your Own Aura

You can embark on the journey of seeing your own aura through a simple meditation practice. After observing your aura's shape and color we can focus on cleaning and repairing them.

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable space to sit or lie down.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax.
  3. Visualize a bright, white light surrounding your body.
  4. As you continue to breathe deeply, imagine this white light expanding and extending beyond your physical form.
  5. Observe any colors, shapes, or sensations that come to your awareness.
  6. Trust your intuition and note any insights that arise during the meditation.

By practicing this meditation regularly, you can enhance your ability to perceive the colors and shapes of your own aura and gain a deeper understanding of your energetic self.

The auric field changes its colors and shapes according to our life experiences and desires. As such it is always recommended to have them cleaned and repaired before embarking in a Kundalini Activation session. We have a plethora of Kundalini activations for any imaginable purpose. Book yours now!

After a kundalini initiation, expect the color and shape of your aura to change according to the intention you had previous to the session. Seeing your aura changing colors and shapes after a kundalini activation is a great sign which tells us the good work is already happening.

Explore the variety of aura colors, shapes, and kundalini practices to unlock the secrets of your inner self. Embrace the enchanting world of auras and embark on a journey of self-discovery, one vibrant shade at a time with a life changing Kundalini Activation session.

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