Get ready to experience a profound shield of security and empowerment:

Banish evil in all forms
Dissolve hexes, curses, black magic and all other negative operations. Evilness goes far away from you.

Release Entities and Possessions
Free yourself and your loved ones from the grips of unwelcome entities as you grow stronger.

Protection Against Negativity
Shielding you from the relentless onslaught of negative influences coming daily.

Clear Your Space of Ghosts
Your sacred space will be an atmosphere of serenity and peace, free from hauntings.

Cultivate Heightened Intuition
Awaken a guiding compass alerting you to potential dangers and unfavorable situations.

Break Free from the Grip of Fear
Embracing fearlessness as your newfound strength, taking action despite the fear.

Bask in Constant State of Protection
Feel an invincible force standing guard, nurturing you and empowering your soul.

Receive Information on Self-Safety
Vital knowledge and wisdom to safeguard your well-being, never caught unprepared.

Radiate Confidence and Freedom
You'll seize life's reins with conviction, free from the shackles that once held you back.

Solutions Made for You

Complete Protection Package

Chakra balancing

Aura cleansing

Kundalini activation

Kundalini rises to the 3rd eye

Kundalini programming

$100 Value for $49

Advanced Protection Package

Everything on Complete

Chakra programming

Aura programming

Activation done by TWO Kundalini Masters

$240 Value for $119

ULTIMATE Protection Package

Everything on Advanced

Meridian cleansing

Minor chakras alignment

Minor chakras programming

Opening of the 8th & 9th chakras

Session by TWO Masters

$300 Value for $149

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Eye of Enlightenment

Kundalini Awakening for Protection & Evil Removal

Kundalini Awakening for Protection & Evil Removal

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A revolutionary journey to fortify your spiritual defenses and banish malevolent energies with our Kundalini Activation session, dedicated to spiritual protection and evil removal.

Our Process: For this 30-minute session, begin by entering meditative state, creating a sanctuary of serenity for Kundalini activation. Guided by our seasoned Kundalini Master, the journey commences at the root chakra and rises through each energy center, culminating at the third eye chakra.

Expert Guidance: Our Energy Master, deeply knowledgeable in the arts of spiritual protection and energy purification, will be your unwavering guide. With their expertise, you'll shield yourself from negativity, ensuring a harmonious and secure spiritual existence.

Fortify your spiritual fortress and expel malevolent forces. Embrace an existence of spiritual clarity and protection, where your inner light shines undisturbed by the shadows of evil.

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  • Ms. Sow

    Thank you so much for this beautiful experience. He takes all his time and effort to explain things step by step to make sure everything will be alright. Highly recommended really.

  • Hassan B.

    I felt his powerful healing in my body and the protective presence of Maa Kali

  • Mr. Mahendru

    Great experience. I experienced unimaginable bliss and the experience is staying with me as Divine Grace. Many thanks for your kind support. I highly recommend it.

  • Trea W.

    Great person that will go the extra mile for you, I feel great after this and recommend this healer for everyone, extremely thankful I’ve chosen the person and thankful they’ve chosen me, anyways much love 10/10 would do again.

  • Reji T.

    Your support means a lot. Thanks for everything and looking forward to a good life hereon.

  • Mr Sajiv

    It solved a lot of issues for me, I feel protected and when I feel threatened now I have a lot of information and ideas to protect myself. Some stubborn issues related to protection was resolved. I am definitely buying another session soon. Highly recommended!!



After the payment goes through you will receive an e-mail with the available times and dates for the session. Choose the best one for you.


24 hours before the session you should: Avoid alcohol, coffee, drugs, meat and all animal derived products. Eat fruits and vegetables that don't grow underground (no potatoes, carrots, onions, peanuts, garlic, etc). Keep yourself hydrated.


The Advanced and ULTIMATE packages include an initiation done by TWO Energy Masters who both have vast experience in working with

  • Kundalini
  • Chi, Ki, Prana, Akasha
  • The Akashic records
  • The Dream world
  • Manifestation methods
  • Mysticism
  • Occultism
  • Emotional balance

Since childhood, they have followed Peruvian Shamanic Traditions and techniques as well as practices derived from Vedic texts and the wisdom of Eastern Gurus.


The meridians are an internal channel in which energy (Ki/chi/Prana/akasha) flows.
It makes you a better energy channel, and enhances energy work such as a Kundalini Initiation at all levels when they are clean.


Opening and activating the 8th and 9th chakras help you access Cosmic and Earth Energies.


Minor chakras are like subtle energy points in the body that are less well-known than the primary seven chakras. Think of them as smaller energy hubs that play essential roles in the overall energy system.


Our services are not a substitute for professional medical, financial, or legal advice. Results from our sessions may vary based on individual circumstances. Please read the Disclaimer.