Activate the mighty force of Kundalini and begin a extraordinary journey beyond imagination.

Finally embark on astral projections
By harnessing an electrifying surge of energy during the previous stages to full projection.

Indulge in lifelike lucid dreams
Where the boundaries of reality blur into pure enchantment and everything is possible.

Explore ethereal dimensions
Venture beyond the confines of this world to the vast unknown in vivid detail.

Overcome Astral projection fears
Eliminate what inhibits your projection abilities, allowing complete freedom to soar.

Heightened awareness during sleep
Get ready to unlock profound insights and transformative experiences.

Control over dreams and projections
Shape your dream world to your desires and successfully command your astral body.

Extend the your projections' duration
Delving deeper into the mysteries of the astral plane and the depths of your dreams.

Engage in profound experiences
Learn from your subconscious mind and meet fascinating beings across the universe.

Connect with fellow projectors
Become a part of the communities, sharing experiences and expanding horizons.

Solutions Made for You

Complete Projection Package

Chakra balancing

Aura cleansing

Kundalini activation

Kundalini rises to the 3rd eye

Kundalini programming

$100 Value for $49

Advanced Projection Package

Everything on Complete

Chakra programming

Aura programming

Activation done by TWO Kundalini Masters

$240 Value for $119

ULTIMATE Projection Package

Everything on Advanced

Meridian cleansing

Minor chakras alignment

Minor chakras programming

Opening of the 8th & 9th chakras

Session by TWO Masters

$300 Value for $149

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Eye of Enlightenment

Kundalini Awakening for Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming

Kundalini Awakening for Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming

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Embark on an otherworldly journey with our Kundalini Activation session tailored to awaken your astral projection and lucid dreaming abilities.

Our Process: In this 30-minute transformational session, you will initiate a meditative state, creating the perfect environment for Kundalini activation. With the assistance of our experienced Kundalini Master, the journey begins at the Root chakra and ascends through each energy center, ultimately aligning with the Third eye chakra.

Expert Guidance: Our Energy Master, well-versed in the realms of astral projection and lucid dreaming, will be your kundalini's trusted guide throughout this ethereal experience. With their expertise, you'll unlock the gateways to alternate dimensions and harness the power of conscious dreaming.

Open the door to infinite realms of possibility. Explore the astral plane and navigate your dreams with lucidity, discovering hidden wonders of the subconscious mind.

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  • Mr. Garcia

    Thank you very much for your service, I am very grateful for your work, I will follow the regimen, have a good one my friend. Until next time.

  • Ms. Angelica

    Awesome communication and gave useful resources to help me. Gave very thorough explanations and made sure I was well prepared. Very pleased with level of service.

  • Avi A.

    It was a great experience working with the Master. The session felt strong, and the Master also gave lots of resources for the Astral and Lucid dreaming practice. I highly recommend it.

  • Timothy M.

    He is very responsive and kind. This realm of understanding and spiritual ideology is fairly new to me, and he made me feel comfortable through the entire process. I will utilize the follow up exercises as provided by him. I look forward to my first astral projections and lucid dreams. Thank you.

  • Kaur B.

    A wonderful experience! I felt lots of energy running in my body. It's so powerful. Feeling the difference already.

  • Mr. Spence

    This was an excellent and outstanding experience for me and I am not saying this just to give a good quick review. I challenge anyone who is interested in astral projection to try this service and you will see why it was a great experience for me as it will be for you. Thank you for this superior service.



After the payment goes through you will receive an e-mail with the available times and dates for the session. Choose the best one for you.


24 hours before the session you should: Avoid alcohol, coffee, drugs, meat and all animal derived products. Eat fruits and vegetables that don't grow underground (no potatoes, carrots, onions, peanuts, garlic, etc). Keep yourself hydrated.


The Advanced and ULTIMATE packages include an initiation done by TWO Energy Masters who both have vast experience in working with

  • Kundalini
  • Chi, Ki, Prana, Akasha
  • The Akashic records
  • The Dream world
  • Manifestation methods
  • Mysticism
  • Occultism
  • Emotional balance

Since childhood, they have followed Peruvian Shamanic Traditions and techniques as well as practices derived from Vedic texts and the wisdom of Eastern Gurus.


The meridians are an internal channel in which energy (Ki/chi/Prana/akasha) flows.
It makes you a better energy channel, and enhances energy work such as a Kundalini Initiation at all levels when they are clean.


Opening and activating the 8th and 9th chakras help you access Cosmic and Earth Energies.


Minor chakras are like subtle energy points in the body that are less well-known than the primary seven chakras. Think of them as smaller energy hubs that play essential roles in the overall energy system.


Our services are not a substitute for professional medical, financial, or legal advice. Results from our sessions may vary based on individual circumstances. Please read the Disclaimer.