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  • Mrs. Ali

    A very thorough and beautiful session. His advice and his way of explaining things were priceless. I felt the tingling around my head and the mantra was so beautiful to listen too. I felt at peace afterwards. I was emotional but by the time the session was complete I was so much better. Highly recommended

  • Mr. Hughes

    The Master was nothing but extraordinary! Words can't express all the things that I was taught and given. From the extras I received and the instructions I was given, they went above and beyond. I am truly amazed and will certainly be back.

  • Amol C.

    Communication is up to the mark and puts an extra efforts to get things done. He advised on things to be done prior, during and after the session which helps a great deal in preparation. He explained how it work and what needs to be done going forward.
    Definitely recommended.

  • Joseph L.

    This was by far one of the best purchases I have ever made! It has the effects instantly! Just relax and enjoy the process. Also, the master was awesome communicating different options and giving different possibilities on how we should move forward with the order! AWESOME! I’m blessed!

  • Ms. Dutta

    Amazing experience. I felt a sensation around my crown chakra during session. It was a divine experience. I never felt so calm, it was as if I was connected to the divine the whole time. I will definitely get more services-

  • Sneha C.

    I truly feel an amazing and wonderful change and I feel at peace being able to have my questions answered. The master truly cares and seems to know a lot about the things beyond what we can see or perceive. Will be back again next week for another order!

  • Ms. Mohanie

    He communicates well and provides solid solutions to issues. Quality of work is very good, and I will highly recommend to ALL

  • Ms. Edith

    I liked it a lot, I felt the colors through my spine and my spirit

  • Aaron M.

    They were very communicative throughout the process, and gave very clear instructions. The process was great, and they were very easy to work with.