Reshape your human experience. Prepare to:

Erase vast amounts of "bad" karma
Liberating yourself from its entanglements and their negative effects.

Lessen the impact of karmic effects
Prepare to cultivate a transformative mindset, transcending the subjectivity of good and bad.

Build a reservoir of positive karma
Allow the attraction of abundance and blessings into your life by increasing good karma.

Safeguard yourself from bad karma
Protection from absorbing karma from others, maintaining your spiritual equilibrium.

Break free from karmic bonds
Reopen the gates for manifesting um-parallel growth and evolution, removing many hindrances.

Discover the laws governing karma
Allow the wisdom of these laws to empower your spiritual journey by learning about their effects.

Elevate your spiritual life
Forge a profound connection with higher realms of consciousness and see beyond the evident.

Unveil the karma - desire connection
Explore their nature, transforming your relationship with the world around you.

Break free from the cycle of reincarnation.
Embrace a destiny of boundless freedom, go beyond the effects of karma.

Solutions Made for You

Complete Karma Package

Chakra balancing

Aura cleansing

Kundalini activation

Kundalini rises to the 3rd eye

Kundalini programming

$100 Value for $49

Advanced Karma Package

Everything on Complete

Chakra programming

Aura programming

Activation done by TWO Kundalini Masters

$240 Value for $119

ULTIMATE Karma Package

Everything on Advanced

Meridian cleansing

Minor chakras alignment

Minor chakras programming

Opening of the 8th & 9th chakras

Session by TWO Masters

$300 Value for $149

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Eye of Enlightenment

Kundalini Awakening for Negative Karma Removal

Kundalini Awakening for Negative Karma Removal

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Begin a transformative journey of liberation and renewal with our Kundalini Activation session, designed to release and cleanse negative karma.

The Process: Enter a meditate state to being this 30-minute session, creating the perfect environment for Kundalini activation. Guided by our experienced Energy Master, the Kundalini starts being programmed at the root chakra and ascends through each energy center, culminating at the third eye chakra.

Expert Guidance: Our Kundalini Master, well-versed in the ancient arts of karma cleansing, will program your Kundalini. With their expertise, you'll dissolve the bonds of negative karma, freeing yourself from the burdens of the past.

Unshackle yourself from the weight of negative karma. Embrace a future of light and positivity, unburdened by the shadows of the past.

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  • Venetia S.

    This experience was wonderful I feel great and I know the best is yet to come. I’m so thankful for all the help on my journey. I know things will flow just the way they need to flow. I’m super excited to see what
    the future has in stored. Thank you so much! I would recommend this! Peace.

  • Mr. Patterson

    The seller was very patient and knowledge. I was obviously a novice to this entire process and the seller had no problem explaining everything to me in detail. Amazing experience!!!

  • Mrs. Wenzel

    He did an amazing job. I feel more positive and energized (the next day) and during the session I could feel different things going on in my body, like a headache (as I assume a block was being removed) and then an internal melting sensation as my kundalini was activated.

  • Mr. Carrete

    Positive experience. I feel much clearer and positive. Many thanks dear friend!

  • Stela B.

    Thank you so much! I felt a bit lightheaded after the session. I trust the process and I trust the seller as well. Thank you for everything that you do. Have a wonderful rest of your day! Much love :)

  • Mr. Marquis

    Simply amazing and life changing! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to take control of their life!



After the payment goes through you will receive an e-mail with the available times and dates for the session. Choose the best one for you.


24 hours before the session you should: Avoid alcohol, coffee, drugs, meat and all animal derived products. Eat fruits and vegetables that don't grow underground (no potatoes, carrots, onions, peanuts, garlic, etc). Keep yourself hydrated.


The Advanced and ULTIMATE packages include an initiation done by TWO Energy Masters who both have vast experience in working with

  • Kundalini
  • Chi, Ki, Prana, Akasha
  • The Akashic records
  • The Dream world
  • Manifestation methods
  • Mysticism
  • Occultism
  • Emotional balance

Since childhood, they have followed Peruvian Shamanic Traditions and techniques as well as practices derived from Vedic texts and the wisdom of Eastern Gurus.


The meridians are an internal channel in which energy (Ki/chi/Prana/akasha) flows.
It makes you a better energy channel, and enhances energy work such as a Kundalini Initiation at all levels when they are clean.


Opening and activating the 8th and 9th chakras help you access Cosmic and Earth Energies.


Minor chakras are like subtle energy points in the body that are less well-known than the primary seven chakras. Think of them as smaller energy hubs that play essential roles in the overall energy system.


Our services are not a substitute for professional medical, financial, or legal advice. Results from our sessions may vary based on individual circumstances. Please read the Disclaimer.