Prepare to immerse yourself in the endless possibilities that await:

Embrace Oneness with Love
Dissolve the barriers that separate you from love, becoming a vessel of its divine essence.

Meet Your Perfect Match
Prepare to cross paths with the one whose heart beats in perfect harmony with yours

Reignite Passion's Flame
Revitalize your current relationship, rekindling the fire of love and intimacy that once burned brightly.

Embrace Self-Love and Worth
Elevate your self-esteem, reaffirming the belief in your unique value and purpose.

Forge Deeper Connections
Strengthen your bonds with loved ones, nurturing meaningful relationships.

Break Free from Fear and Hate
Allow the power of love to release negativity, fostering harmony and compassion back into your life.

Embrace Giving and Receiving
Open your heart wide, allowing love to flow effortlessly, embracing the joy of reciprocity

Fearlessly Enter the Dating Realm
Bid farewell to anxieties, empowering you to meet potential lovers with confidence.

Radiate Love and Care
Let your loving nature shine, captivating others with your warmth and compassion.

Solutions Made for You

Complete Love Package

Chakra balancing

Aura cleansing

Kundalini activation

Kundalini rises to the 3rd eye

Kundalini programming

$100 Value for $49

Advanced Love Package

Everything on Complete

Chakra programming

Aura programming

Activation done by TWO Kundalini Masters

$240 Value for $119

ULTIMATE Love Package

Everything on Advanced

Meridian cleansing

Minor chakras alignment

Minor chakras programming

Opening of the 8th & 9th chakras

Session by TWO Masters

$300 Value for $149

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Eye of Enlightenment

Kundalini awakening for Love and Relationships

Kundalini awakening for Love and Relationships

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Experience the profound power of Kundalini Activation as it enhances your capacity for love and deepens your connections in our Love and Relationships session.

Our Process: For this 30-minute transformative session, you are requested to enter a meditative state. During this serene and receptive meditation, our experienced Energy Master will activate your Kundalini energy, starting at the Root chakra and gently ascending through each energy center up to the Third eye chakra

Expert Guidance: Our Energy Master, with a deep understanding of esoteric wisdom and the nuances of love, will provide support on this intimate journey, ensuring a harmonious and heart-opening experience.

Unleash the full potential of love within you. Strengthen your bonds, cultivate deeper connections, and invite profound love into your life.

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  • Mrs. Heinz

    If everyone were to receive a session like this, the world would be done with war and everyone would be nice to each other, because the service was imbued with love and connection to God Source. I am so grateful.

  • Mrs. Yucui

    I ordered two times within ten days. I have already seen the results. The communication with the master was excellent and the information provided were above my expectations. He answered all my questions with great explanations. Therefore, I will continue to use this. Thanks again for the great help!

  • Manoj M.

    I had a great experience again. I could feel the energy and love flowing through me during the session and the experience was divinely loving. I highly recommend.

  • Mónica G.

    A magical experience!!! It is a blessing to meet such wonderful people in this world as you, who help others become the versions of themselves. There are no words to thank you for your kindness and your work is always wonderful. It is a mystical experience. Super recommended!!!

  • Jemma T.

    Absolutely amazing. Enjoyable session very relaxed and could see an aura floating above me in the shape of what seemed like an angel. Felt the pressure in my heart an warmness on my feet and body as this work was preformed. Thank you so so much and thank you for the detailed report I am so greatful lots of love to you ❤️ definitely recommend

  • Yuliya Z.

    Thank you a lot! felt kundalini working its way through my spine, neck and felt my 3d eye! was very warm! You are amazing 🙏🙏 you changed my life! Outstanding life changing experience, feel different already, highly recommended!



After the payment goes through you will receive an e-mail with the available times and dates for the session. Choose the best one for you.


24 hours before the session you should: Avoid alcohol, coffee, drugs, meat and all animal derived products. Eat fruits and vegetables that don't grow underground (no potatoes, carrots, onions, peanuts, garlic, etc). Keep yourself hydrated.


The Advanced and ULTIMATE packages include an initiation done by TWO Energy Masters who both have vast experience in working with

  • Kundalini
  • Chi, Ki, Prana, Akasha
  • The Akashic records
  • The Dream world
  • Manifestation methods
  • Mysticism
  • Occultism
  • Emotional balance

Since childhood, they have followed Peruvian Shamanic Traditions and techniques as well as practices derived from Vedic texts and the wisdom of Eastern Gurus.


The meridians are an internal channel in which energy (Ki/chi/Prana/akasha) flows.
It makes you a better energy channel, and enhances energy work such as a Kundalini Initiation at all levels when they are clean.


Opening and activating the 8th and 9th chakras help you access Cosmic and Earth Energies.


Minor chakras are like subtle energy points in the body that are less well-known than the primary seven chakras. Think of them as smaller energy hubs that play essential roles in the overall energy system.


Our services are not a substitute for professional medical, financial, or legal advice. Results from our sessions may vary based on individual circumstances. Please read the Disclaimer.